How does it work?

A fine stream of insulin to maximise skin penetration and ease comfort.

Operation principle

The InsuJet™ operation principle is based on pressure. Insulin is pressed at high speed through a small orifice in the nozzle, creating a fine stream of insulin that easily penetrates the skin. In the subcutaneous layer, the insulin follows the path of least resistance and spreads in a relatively large, cone-like formation. Compared to an injection with a needle based system, where the insulin is merely dispersed in a droplet near the needle opening, the larger dispersion increases the absorption into the circulation. What’s more the rapid uptake of insulin with the InsuJet™ is virtually painless, as the jet itself is thinner than a needle.

Unique safety mechanism

The InsuJet™ is equipped with a unique safety mechanism that ensures that the contact area between the nozzle and administration site is not breached during injection.

The mechanism is activated by gently pushing the device to the chosen administration site. The insulin is only released when the device is pushed to the administration site with sufficient pressure. It’s as simple as that!

Do you want to learn more about
the medical operation of the InsuJet™ system?

The InsuJet™ system has been thoroughly clinically tested. Visit the professional page for more information.

Product specifications

Product specifications

The InsuJet™ system is designed for use by one person.
Weight Approximately 115 g.
Dimension (length) 140 - 160mm (depending on dosage setting)
Dose range 4-50 international units (IU) per administration
Insulin concentration the InsuJet™ is calibrated for U100 insulin (100IU/mL)
Dose scale graduation 1 unit increments
Duration of administration less than 0.3 sec.
Temperature limit between 5 and 40°C
Technical lifetime The InsuJet™ is tested and approved for 5000 injections
Warranty period 1 year