Meet the insujet

Meet the InsuJet™

The insulin-jet administration system.

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No needles, no waste, no worries

No needles, no waste, no worries

No Needle
less fear

Lower risk
of needle stick

Faster insulin absorption
resulting in easier
post-meal BGC

Less waste
due to re-usable
injector and

Virtually pain free

Safer disposal
in regular household waste



InsuJet™, the needle-free
alternative for insulin
therapy, introduced in 40

Meet the InsuJet™?

The InsuJet™ system is developed for people with diabetes and is used to administer insulin. A special, needle-free nozzle is the key feature of the system. By pressing insulin through the nozzle orifice, a fine stream of insulin is created that easily penetrates the skin. Subsequently, the insulin
follows the path of least resistance, spreading evenly in the subcutaneous layer.

No needle, no worries

The absence of a needle has obvious advantages. There are no needle disposal issues, nor any risk of needle prick accidents. So, don't worry about the kids if you accidentally

How does InsuJet™ work?

left the device within their reach!

Clinical advantages

More importantly, research has shown that jet administration is a highly effective manner to administer insulin. It improves the absorption, as well as the action. faster absorption & action of insulin

Meet the InsuJet™?

Who can use the InsuJet™?

The InsuJet™ is suitable for everyone who requires insulin therapy. The system can be used for all types of U100 insulin. Please note that it is advised to involve your Diabetes Care Specialist if you con-sider to switch to the InsuJet™ system.

How does InsuJet™ work?



For more information about InsuJet™
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Are you familiar with the InsuJet™?
We hope that you are just as excited about the InsuJet™
system as we are. On the patients page you will find
detailed video instructions and possibilities to share your
experiences with the InsuJet™ system with us.

How does it work?

The InsuJet™ operation principle is based on pressure. By means of a spring system, the insulin is pressed at high speed through a small orifice in the nozzle, creating a fine stream of insulin that easily penetrates the skin. Directly under the skin the insulin diffuses in the subcutaneous tissue.

To secure a safe and convenient administration, the InsuJet™ is equipped with a unique safety mechanism that ensures that the contact area between the nozzle and administration site is not breached during injection.

InsuJet™ compared to needle injection in 30 seconds

InsuJet™ compared to needle injection in 30 seconds


This animation shows a comparison between the injection, the diffusion and the uptake of insulin with needle (left) and the InsuJet™ (right)

Meet the InsuJet™?

Where can I get it?

Check the availability of the InsuJet™ in your area!

How does InsuJet™ work?

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Contact European Pharma Group BV via info@insujet.com