"The usage is very simple."

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Would you like to use the InsuJet™?

You will find that the InsuJet™ is a highly effective and reliable alternative to administer insulin.



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InsuJet™ Instructions For Use booklet


InsuJet™ Consumables Instructions For Use leaflet


InsuJet™ Comfort Ring Instructions For Use leaflet


InsuJet™ Adaptor 3mL for disposable insulin pens Instructions For Use leaflet




Every patient has their own reason(s) for choosing the InsuJet™. Below you will find several experiences from patients and medical professionals.

Hr de Ruiter


Mr. D. de Ruiter


Ruiter tekst

“I am very confident that the InsuJet will turn into an alternative in its own right”. He has even started promoting it when he stayed in the hospital. “I have given a demonstration to the nurses, who were very interested“


Mw Lankester

Ms. E. Lankester

Diabetes nurse/assistent
Employed in Weert (NL)

Lankester tekst

“The usage is very simple. You only have to replace the nozzle every other week, it is probably (also) better for the environment”


Dr Storms


Dr. G.E.M.G. (Fred) Storms

Internist/diabetologist in St.
Antonius Hospital in Utrecht (NL)

Dr Storms tekst

“There are numerous diabetics that have trouble with extreme needle phobia, in essence an irrational phobia, that can be resolved with the InsuJet™ system”. Storms added, “The rapid profile is especially important for people that use insulin after a meal and thus benefit from a rapid onset”


Hiltsje Terpstra

Hiltsje Terpstra

Diabetes nurse/assistant
Since 8 year employed at the
Hospital De Sionsberg, Dokkum (NL)

Hiltsje Terpstra tekst

“I would primarily advice the InsuJet™ to people with needle phobia and people that develop injection site problems. For these groups, I find the InsuJet™ ideal”



Frequently asked questions & answers

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FAQ right

I am interested in using the InsuJet™. Should I discuss with my Diabetes Care Specialist about switching to the InsuJet™?

Yes. It is advised to involve your Diabetes Care Specialist in any discussion and decision relating to switching to the InsuJet™.

I am currently using an alternative insulin administration device. Can I switch to the InsuJet™?

Yes. You can switch to the InsuJet™ but, like any changes in the management of your diabetes, the changeover period needs to be carefully monitored and the Diabetes Care Specialist who is involved in your care, should be consulted.

Is the InsuJet™ suitable for children and the elderly?

The InsuJet™ should only be used on the recommendation of a Diabetes Care Specialist. These specialists are in the position to assess whether the InsuJet™ is a suitable system for the patient.

Old version V3.7


Special note for outgoing InsuJet V3.7 devices

The InsuJet™ Version 3.7 will be phased out per September 2020.

You can download the InsuJet™ V3.7 Instructions For Use, and view the V3.7 video instructions via the link below.

Photo Insujet device

Are you already using the InsuJet™?

Are you already using the InsuJet™?

We hope you are as excited about the system as we are.

Please share your experiences with the InsuJet™ system by filling in a short questionnaire. We could use your findings to further improve our product. Thank you in advance!